Asked Questions

How does Virtual Assistant work?

Virtual Assistant works like any regular business. You request a quote and discuss the terms until you reach an agreement. There is a contract, invoice, due dates, and if needed Non-Disclosure Agreement in place to protect both your company and our company. Nothing complicated.

Will Virtual Assistant improve my business performance?

A successful VA company can provide a better service than it would be if an organization handled its task internally, basically you are outsourcing some business functions. It is important to ask how and why it will drive improvement.

What are the advantages of Virtual Assistant?

VA has many advantages, therefore, by outsourcing some business functions to us, we can do more work, provide more solutions, keep up with new marketing strategies and you do not have to worry about doing it on your own. Also, the two most common advantages of a VA, has to do with saving!
  • You save time which a businessman never has enough of.
  • You save money. Not just when it comes to salaries but also in terms of your overhead.

Is Virtual Assistant cheaper than hiring people in your office?

Yes! A VA work will run you about half the amount you would spend on one salary, just a basic salary, or even less than that.

Is Virtual Assistant cheaper than
hiring people in your office?

What are the policies regarding intellectual right and confidentiality when Virtual Assistant?

Clients confidentiality and trust is important and that is why we always have a contract in place and non-disclosure agreements for everyone’s safety and peace of mind.